Lose Weight With Green Coffee Beans

The main constituent of Green Coffee Bean Extract is Chlorogenic Acid which is completely natural and healthy. This active component called Chlorogenic Acid mainly prevents glucose to reach the bloodstream that consequently helps stopping fat creation. It’s simple, no sugar means no fat. Usually sugar turns into fat when its not burnt. Green coffee extract helps to boost your metabolism and also enhances the burning of fat in the liver. The liver is generally responsible for meting out all the fat in our body. Chlorogenic Acid present in Green Coffee metabolizes sugar, metabolizes fat and helps your body to lose weight naturally.

This component not only burns fat in your body but also helps combating against free radicals in your bloodstream. It’s an excellent anti-oxidant. These beans also promotes anti-aging, improves circulation of blood and strengthens your immune system.

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Pros and Cons of Green Coffee Bean For Losing Weight

  • This new product is getting lots of media attention lately due to its ability to burn fat without undergoing any tiring workouts or diets. Green Coffee Extract automatically enhances your body’s function to burn more fat. Recently Dr.Oz promoted this product for weight loss. Usually Dr.Oz never promotes weight loss supplements as every year new products come and go. But the benefits of Green Coffee Extract were scientifically proven hence it’s no scam.
  • According to recent research, dieters who took Green Coffee extract lost a total of 17 pounds each, they also lost 10.5% of their total body weight and the most shocking fact came out when they lost 17% of their body fat without any side effects. Chlorogenic Acid makes our body more efficient in burning its fuel.
  • It’s different from brown coffee beans because unlike normal beans, green coffee beans are not dry roasted in 470 degrees hence brown coffee beans have different flavor, aroma. During roasting, all the Chlorogenic acid gets removed. Green Coffee beans on the other hand have different taste and smell. Green Coffee beans contain 50% Chlorogenic acid because it hasn’t been heated and destroyed. They are bitter and more pungent compared to the regular coffee beans. Bitter is Better and green coffee beans epitomize this fact.
  • It’s possible to lose 4 pounds in 7 days however it’s advisable to drink lots of water for attaining maximum results from this product. You should at least drink 10-12 glasses of water daily. One serving of green coffee beans (2 capsules) contains only 24 milligrams of caffeine, which is very less compared to the normal cup of coffee. It’s not a hard stimulant. Study shows Green coffee speed up metabolism yet its lowers your heart beat hence it’s not a stimulant. Weight loss with Green Coffee Extract are not caused due to caffeine, it completely has a different mechanism.