What Are The Diet Dangers Associated With Pure Green Coffee Bean?

Green Coffee Bean Extract is being touted as the recent weight-loss supplement nowadays. But when it comes to losing weight with supplements, dieters come up with numerous questions such as what is it exactly, how does it aid in weight-loss and above all, is it safe?

Green bean extract is made from the unprocessed beans of coffee plant. According to a study, unroasted green beans of coffee plant when consumed as a supplement can help people lose weight. The study was presented in San Diego, at the American Chemical Society. It involved sixteen obese people who took daily dose of green coffee bean extract for 22 days. All the participants were told to maintain their usual diet and eating habits while the team monitored them during the entire course of the study. After the study, it was found that the daily consumption of green coffee beans caused 10% drop in the weight of the participants on an average. Joe Vinson, a chemist at University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, conducted this study under his supervision.

Dr Oz Show, a popular programme on TV, recently presented its own study about Green coffee bean extract as a weight-loss supplement. The participants who were involved in this study lost about 2 pounds of weight on an average.

So how does Green Coffee Bean Extract work? Scientists have found that green coffee bean supplement contains a chemical known as Chlorogenic acid. It helps in regularizing the blood-glucose level, which subsequently reduces the accumulation of fat in body. It is a known fact that when body is unable to consume excess glucose, it converts it into fat, which lies unused in areas like belly, under the chin and thighs. Chlorogenic acid is rich in anti-oxidants as a result of which it reduces the amount of free radicals in body. Besides this, it activates the metabolism of fat in body, which generates heat in body. Altogether, these chemical speeds up the overall metabolism of body that helps in releasing excess fat stored in body.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract : Is it Safe?

Studies show that Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is entirely safe for use in weight-loss treatments. It activates body’s metabolism in order to bring natural weight-loss. However, it is unfortunate to note that there is no standardization, which is adopted by companies when manufacturing supplements. They do not follow a particular formula while preparing supplements. Hence it is very important to check the label of your supplement in order to get the right benefit. For choosing a correct green coffee bean extract for losing weight, choose the one which has low doses of caffeine.