Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

With no dearth of weight-loss supplements in the health industry, one supplement, which has consistently created much hype, is the Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. With scientific backing and supporters from the physician community, pure green Coffee bean Extract has maintained its dominance in the market. It is made from the unroasted green beans of coffee plant.

What do the Doctors and advocates say about Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract?

A study by University of Scranton, Pennsylvania showed that sixteen participants who took 1,050 mg of Pure Green coffee bean extract for 22 weeks lost a significant amount of fat from their body. The participants lost about 1 pound of weight each on an average, which was equal to 10% of their overall body weight. It was also ensured that no participants made any changes to their diet or exercise routines. Outcome of the study was presented at the American Chemical Society. It was confirmed that the weight-loss effects of Pure Coffee Bean Extract were attributed to the presence of a chemical called Chlorogenic Acid. This chemical is present in huge amount in unroasted green beans of coffee plant. After this study about Pure Green Coffee Bean extract, other experiments and trials about this weight-loss supplements started surfacing.

In one of the recent episodes of Dr Oz’s Show, the doc himself presented a study on
Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. In order to test the effectiveness of this extract, doctors in the show carried out a study under the supervision of Dr Caroline Apovian and certified dietician Dr Kirkpatrick. It has been one of the biggest studies done on this show. The study involved 100 overweight women between 35-49 years of age. The participants were not breastfeeding or pregnant. They were fit in health and had no major health issues like diabetes or heart disorders. The participants were given 400 mg (thrice a day before meals) of Pure Green Coffee Bean extract or a placebo. They were not told about the supplement they were taking. In addition to this, they were instructed not to make any changes to their diet or exercise schedules. The participants were monitored closely during the entire study of 2 weeks. They were weighed after the study was over. It was found that the participants lost about 2 pounds of weight each on an average. The group that took placebo lost only 1 pound of weight. The results of the study on this popular TV show sent the health industry into a sudden twirl. Together with Dr Oz show and the doc himself, a certified nutritionist Dr Lindsey Duncan advocated 400-800 mg of Pure Green Coffee Bean extract for weight-loss.